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The First Tee of the East Bay's Programs. (TFTEB)
The First Tee Life Skills Experience: The First Tee Life Skills Experience is TFTEB’s core program, and it is offered in three 8-week sessions per year. Students attend on a weekly basis after school or in the summer at Oakland’s three municipal golf courses, Lake Chabot, Metropolitan Golf Links, Montclair and Mission Hills of Hayward. Through a progression of lessons, students develop nine “Core Values”— honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy, and judgment. Each lesson also integrates healthy habits, physical fitness, and of course, golf skills. As participants build their skills and demonstrate the Core Values, they graduate to progressively higher levels of the program with more advanced golf instruction and age appropriate life lessons. In addition to the golf and life skill programs, TFTEB offers various golf and non-golf field trips and activities throughout the year.

Who Participates in TFTEB?
The First Tee of the East Bay partners with 20 Oakland schools and three youth development agencies to bring girls and boys, ages 6-17, to the program. The geographic area served includes Oakland and Hayward with an emphasis on lower-income neighborhoods and schools. TFTO aims to make its programs accessible to children of all socioeconomic levels and all physical ability levels, including special-needs students. Approximately, 84% of students are receiving a scholarship to participate in TFTEB, due to financial need.

TFTEB is Growing!
Parents and school administrators have recognized the value of this experience to their children, and the demand for the programs outweighs The First Tee of the East Bay current volunteer capacity. To better meet the needs of this community, TFTEB will need to increase the after-school and weekend volunteer team to over 100 coaches/mentors.

Volunteers Help Put Oakland's and Hayward's Youth on a Positive Path for Life.
The First Tee of the East Bay are looking for high quality volunteers to serve as mentor coaches. There is a real opportunity for you to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of Oakland’s and Hayward's at-risk children and youth starting today. These children face tremendous challenges in life, but TFTEB offers them an opportunity to improve their lives in the long term. The life skills learned through TFTEB are helping children succeed in school, build their sense of responsibility and confidence, and develop a healthy outlook on life. Our ability to make a lasting difference depends on the meaningful, and quality relationships between our coaches and participants.

Volunteer Positions:
Volunteer Coach and Mentor:
   • Volunteer coaches assist the lead coaches in delivering Golf Skills, and The First Tee Life Skills Experience through fun and engaging golf games.
   • Volunteer coaches also serve as mentors and role models throughout the 8-week session through their behavior and demonstration of The First Tee Nine Core Values.
   • The First Tee of the East Bay requests that volunteers commit to at least one day a week to help coach/mentor for 2˝ hours per day.
   • We strongly encourage volunteers to coach/mentor on the same day of each week to help build a relationship with the same group of participants.
   • Ps…You do not need to be an experienced golfer.
   • We offer training before each 8-week session with the option of National training as well.

2015 Fall Program Schedule:
   • Volunteer Orientation/Chapter Training – March 7 from 9am-12pm.
   • Parent Orientation – March 12th from 6:30pm-7:30pm.
   • In addition, we have an 8-week summer program starting in June, and an 8-week fall program beginning in September. Final dates TBD.
   • Fall Session starts September 22nd and ends on November 15th.
     o Each student comes to class once a week for 8 weeks.
     o Classes run Monday-Thursday at Lake Chabot Golf Course and Metropolitan Golf Links from 4-5:30 pm.
     o Saturday classes run from 11am-12:30pm and 1-3pm at Lake Chabot Golf Course and Metropolitan Golf Links.

Coaching Growth:
The First Tee of the East Bay offers educational opportunities for volunteer coaches to grow and advance within the program.
   1. The First Tee of the East Bay holds volunteer trainings a week before each of the 3 sessions.
   2. Coaches may participate in an online coaches training through our national website.
   3. Selected coaches will be able to participate in a 3-day interactive coaches training put on by our national program all over the country. There are 4 levels of coaches trainings: Level 1, Level II, Level II, and Master Coach.

Getting Started:
   1. Contact Chris Moreno-Hunt at 510-352-2002, or send an inquiry email to
   2. Follow up phone call.
   3. In person meeting at our office 11425 Golf Links Road, Oakland, CA 94605.
   4. Complete a Volunteer Application.
   5. Complete a Background Check at NO personal cost.
   6. Take the Child Protection Course; which is an online course detailing our policies for child safety and protection

Participant Testimonials:
   • “The First Tee is awesome. I recommend it to anybody, they have amazing coaches.”
   • “Thank you guys for the responsibilities I have learned. It means a lot to me that you guys care.”
   • “The First Tee has improved virtually every aspect of my daily life.”
   • “Who came up with The First Tee!”
   • “This is the best program I have ever been to!”
Parent Testimonials:
   • “I saw an improvement in her social interactions with adults- more confidence and self assurance, more polite, and better body language.”
   • “The coaches are amazing & he loved the games and activities.”
   • “I loved everything! Loved the life skills lessons mixed with excellent (and patient!) instruction in a fun environment.”
   • “I never thought my son would be able to have these opportunities and be a golfer.”
Coach Testimonials:
   • “This is a really rewarding experience being able to make a difference in the lives of these kids.” -Coach Carol


Lesson Plans

If you are interested in making a difference as a volunteer for The First Tee of the East Bay, please contact: Chris Moreno-Hunt, Program Manager at 510.352.2002 or via email at